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Monday, 28 February 2011

A lovely day out in London...

Yesterday I went to London to meet my friend for lunch. We met up at Baker Street tube station and took the short walk to Marylebone High Street.

At Eat I had my two favourites; a hot tuna and cheddar ciabatta and a coconut and raspberry slice for afters. I have challenged myself with giving up crisps and fruit juice for a whole year, nearly 2 months down and only 10 more to go!

There are some truly fabulous shops and a very relaxed atmosphere indeed. The rain did not stop us from finding a few wonderful buys.

I bought this gorgeous red heart-shaped tin from Emma Bridgewater. Loving the gift bag too.

Big Love to Kelley... x

My Top 5 ways to use it are:

1. To store a yummy homemade heart-shaped cake topped with frosting and sprinkles
2. To store lots and lots of heart-shaped cookies, sweets and other treats
3. To store my growing collection of buttons, beads and ribbons
4. To add to my other growing collection of tins and heart-shaped lovelies
5. To simply admire and make me feel happy

It comes in blue too.

Some other memorable shops are:

I have added some of the jewel-like glass dessert bowls to my long wish list.

I think I really do have a need for more pretty cake stands.

Designers Guild
Full of oh so stylish and colourful goodies, including jewellery. I particularly love all the bright pink items.

We then wandered along Oxford Street and took shelter in Debenhams.

As we came up the escalator to the Home Floor, our attention was captured by the sparkly new Grey Rose range by Jane Packer. We both knew that we would be taking a piece home.

I chose this perfect little candle plate. Just look at all the magical rainbow colours.

What a beautiful souvenir of our lovely day out...x

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year...

It's the Year of the Bunny

May it bring you much prosperity, good health and happiness.

We had a fabulous family meal together, finished off with cake and traditional cookies (made by my little brother). Very yummy x