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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Great British Summer...

What a fabulous year of celebrations.

Firstly we saw the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June 2012.  An extra long bank holiday weekend of wonderful company, food and drink.  Hooray!

London and other towns and cities throughout the UK hosted the Olympic Games.  Team GB came third in the medal table, winning 29 gold medals.  Congratulations!  We are all very proud of you.

Here is the best dressed shop window in the village – Bourne End, Bucks.
Mankind, the barbers...

Who is your favourite Olympian?  I know who mine is...

I did not get to go to the Olympics but Mr Mac did and came back with a souvenir - meet Wenlock – and some fab photos.

I cannot listen to ‘Caliban’s Dream’ by Underworld without crying – tears of happiness and joy – and remembering how beautiful and moving the lighting of the cauldron was at the Opening Ceremony.

I love the sweet words...

As the rain tossed above us
In the garden of the world 
But a flame arrives to guide us
Past the gold between the angles of the stars 

Watching over all the children in the rain
And the streets where I remember 
Where the fire that lights a candle soars again 

A flaring flame
Hear it call
Through the darkness 
Hear it call to us all 

And start again
Its beating heart 
Comes again 

When the light drives out our fears
And the joy drives out our pain 
And the nations come to greet us 
Waving open arms of waves of golden corn 

Ever hear us
Oh, the spirit of the world 
May your light be ever near us 
Always lead us from the dark 
Though we may fall 

We will fly
And with love
Hear it call

We did go into London for a day trip to soak up some of the atmosphere.
Where else could you see this majestic sight?

We also discovered Mulberry Teacup at Kingly Court off Carnaby Street.  

We love our gardens and roses too.  These gorgeous Cupcake Bouquets would add an elegant touch to any special occasion.

For further details, please visit 

We will now enjoy and be inspired by the London 2012 Paralympic Games and will continue to be very proud to be British...

Lots of love

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