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Saturday, 11 June 2011

I love hearts and cakes too...

Today I had a little stall at the Bourne End Community Market to sell my handmade goodies

Here I met two lovely ladies who bake the most delicious cakes...

Suzannah makes pretty cupcakes, fabulous celebration cakes and yummy cake pops too.
I couldn't resist this little cutie... a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and topped with a pink heart x

For more details of Suzannah's beautiful creations,
please visit

Rosie who organises the event on the second Saturday of each month also bakes a cake or two.
I spotted this one even before she had set up her table.
I simply had to buy it before anyone else saw it too.

As you may already know, I love hearts and cakes too...
But I especially love heart-shaped cakes x

p.s. pink marshmallows are my favourite


  1. OOh hope you had a fab day! looks like it was a delicious one!

  2. Hi Maimei - it was a real pleasure to have you and all your beautiful creations at BECMarket yesterday and hope you'd like to come back in July and August if you are free. What a SURPRISE to see read your blog and see a piccy of my HEART-shaped marshmallow-topped chocolate cake! It was an absolute last-minute creation, finished off just 2 minutes before setting off to BECMarket. I'm glad it went to a good home. Reckon I should make more of them for next month. Might try making my own tomato ketchup for next month to accompany my new bacon butties which were a hit and also sold out! Rosie x

  3. Those cakes look divine - hope you had a fab Saturday :D

  4. Found your lovely blog today and wanted to say hi! the cakes look fantastic :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!