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Sunday, 19 June 2011

My heart's sweetest desire...

Is Vanilla Stick and their oh so gorgeous handmade chocolate lollipops.

Here is just a small selection to tempt you...
Pink is my favourite colour and white chocolate is Mr Mac's favourite.

Victoria Bouquet Lollipops
Made of strawberry chocolate and white chocolate too.
Each one is unique and decorated with pretty flower patterns.

Venice Lollipops
Wonderful discs of white chocolate individually wrapped and presented in a lovely tin.

Isa Lollipops
This is the perfectly pink version. I love the names too.
Ivory Choco Mallow Lollipops
Soft and sweet... just like me.

Rouge Choco Mallow Lollipops
It's my birthday next month and these would make the best ever party treats or favours (hint hint...).

Come and discover this most fabulous find for yourself at

Thank you to David and Maggie for allowing me to use their most delicious photos x

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